13 August 2019

Salt water density

Yesterday, we had fun doing an experiment with fresh and saltwater and seeing what kind of water makes things float best. We discovered that when we added salt to water it made it denser and therefore our carrots all floated. We had some brilliant discussions around what the representations were showing us and what understandings we could draw from them. This was a really fun experiment with lots of valuable learning about pour oceans. We even talked about the amount of salt in the dead sea and realised why the 'Dead Sea' got its name. 

Maths Week Fun!

This week, the Senior Team have got together to celebrate maths week by competing in a range of fun-filled, maths challenges. On Monday, we completed some geometry challenges and today, we are doing a number plate challenge! We are working in teams with members from all classes across the team! So much fun and mathematical thinking going on!

29 July 2019


This term we have made a wonderful start on our gymnastics unit. We are learning and practicing all kinds of awesome skills and movements, and already the students are making great progress and achieving some awesome things! Looking good Room 6! Keep pushing yourselves outside your comfort zones!

01 July 2019

Friday night Disco!

On Friday night, many of us had an awesome time at the disco. We all brought our best moves and enjoyed the yummy things we could buy. Thanks to Kauri Year 8s for organising such a fun event!

21 June 2019

National Geographic Magazine Covers

As part of our 'what's out there?' unit, we did some learning about different kinds of stars. To display this learning, we created our own National Geographic Magazine covers.

14 June 2019

Rippa Rugby

Our large ball skill rotation is well underway. This week we did Rippa Rugby with Miss Simpson! We learned some new skills and had a fun time! 

11 June 2019

Buddy class Week 6

On Friday, we enjoyed some time with our buddy class, looking at their beautiful art and doing some music. It was good fun seeing what our little buddies have been up to and making and playing music with them!

06 June 2019


It is CRAZY DAY here at Halcombe School and we have kicked off with a parade to show off our crazy crazy costumes! Aren't we looking fabulous?!