14 June 2019

Rippa Rugby

Our large ball skill rotation is well underway. This week we did Rippa Rugby with Miss Simpson! We learned some new skills and had a fun time! 

11 June 2019

Buddy class Week 6

On Friday, we enjoyed some time with our buddy class, looking at their beautiful art and doing some music. It was good fun seeing what our little buddies have been up to and making and playing music with them!

06 June 2019


It is CRAZY DAY here at Halcombe School and we have kicked off with a parade to show off our crazy crazy costumes! Aren't we looking fabulous?!

29 May 2019

The Hare and the Tortoise - New Zealand Playhouse

Our students were thoroughly entertained by some very talented actors from the New Zealand Playhouse yesterday afternoon. They performed their own extra-original of the famous 'Hare and Tortoise' story. There was lots of music, dancing, laughter, and some fantastic one-liners!

Get your crazy costumes ready! Look what's coming!

27 May 2019

Buddy Class Time!

On Friday, we enjoyed spending some time with our Buddy Class, Room 1. They have been working on a little play with Mrs Shannon and we were happy to be their audience. It was awesome seeing them perform and see their acting skills. They acted out the big book, Mrs Wishy Washy.
After this, we spent a little bit of time talking to each other finding out new people's names and learning about each other's hobbies. It was a fun afternoon with our buddy class.

Beautiful Flower Art!

We are so pleased and proud to finally share our finished flower art with you all! Inspired by 'The Secret Garden' novel with all its beautiful flowers with interesting names.

Check these out! They will be on display in our classroom if you want to come in and see them in full size.

23 May 2019

Te Tikanga ( Tokorangi) Marae Visit

Yesterday we had a fabulous visit to Te Tikanga Marae. For some of the students in our class, this is their local Marae. We were welcomed onto the Marae in a lovely powhiri and were made to feel so at home. There were loads of fun activities we took part in throughout the day including, haka, poi, rakau, Matariki stories, learning the history of the marae and sketching in the wharenui. We all experienced and learned more about Maori culture and really enjoyed our day. Thank you to the Hallett whanau for having us for the day and making our day such a positive and awesome experience.

17 May 2019

People Savers First Aid

Today we had a great time learning some very important first aid tips and tricks with Shells from Red Cross. It was so good learning about our DRSABCD, how to deal with different situations of blood and different kinds of burns. We really enjoyed our day and were very focussed learners.

02 May 2019


This term we are focusing our inquiry and science learning around the question 'what's out there?' We will be looking at our solar system and learning many research skills along the way. We will also be doing some science capability learning and completing many deeper thinking activities.

This week we started out by brainstorming as a class many of our questions and wonderings about our solar system.

Over the next 10 weeks, we are hoping to learn lots about many of these ideas and much, much more.